RB Sales Corp

A Manufacturer's Representative With a Great Reputation

R/B Sales Corporation is dedicated to helping electricians, distributors, OEMs, engineers and businesses reach their goals by introducing products and services to the market that work toward their vision of success. We strive to identify and maximize the strengths of each of the manufacturers we represent by utilizing the skills of each member of our team. Our aim is to provide innovation solutions and relentless support throughout each project.

Our Story

How We Began

In 1977, RB Sales Corp was established in the same way so many new businesses started — a few people gathered around a table in one of their homes looking to create the next, great enterprise. These individuals were determined to build up their company with three key attributes: superior products, quality service, and industry innovation.

Who We Are Today

RB Sales Corp has become a reliable manufacturers' representative agency that is unlike any other business in so many ways. This is thanks to the efforts of our founders and the unique talents of our committed team members.

RB Sales Corp

Why Choose Us

Solid Relationships with End Users

Everything we do is about the right results for the end-user, the distributor, and the manufacturer. Each order we process and manage is a sign that customer trusts us to provide them with solutions and service.

Comprehensive Support Service for Your Products

Our services can include site visits, product suggestions, pricing, shipping information, technical assistance, and more. Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service from beginning to end.

Let’s Get in Touch

Reach out to us today for outstanding professional representation services. We look forward to working with you on selling your products to a wider market.